Mapping CCTV

As part of my ongoing fieldwork in Little India, I have begun trying to map the CCTV cameras in the neighborhood. Data was collected in October 2015 with the assistance of National University of Singapore students from the Global Studies Programme: Gregorius Ivaniddo, Chin Yi Min Ferron, Ng Lin Xing Cherlyn, June See Yan Ru, Tan Ting Yu, and Zuhaili Asy-Syakur.

As of 16 November 2015, I have entered only the POLCAM** locations collected by my students. Over time I will update the map with all CCTV (public and private) that can be located. Locations will eventually be verified by me.

Current limitations of the data:

  1. Inconsistent coding by students. Some locations currently marked POLCAM may not be, and some locations marked ‘unknown’ may in fact be POLCAM.
  2. Locations unverified and non-specific regarding actual placement on the street. Eventually I will verify all locations and try to be as precise as possible regarding placement on the street, building, etc.

** – POLCAM = Police Camera (Placed by the Singapore Police Force as part of a broader program to place cameras in public housing developments (HDBs), public car parks, and in public streets, parks, open spaces, etc.