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More books

More books in the mail today. The little blue book on top is my good friend Andrew Culp’s new book, Dark Deleuze. Everyone should get it! Description: Rekindling Deleuze‚Äôs opposition to what is intolerable about this world Gilles Deleuze is … Continue reading

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I’ve been working on a few projects and finally decided that I needed to purchase some of the books I’m using, rather than constantly checking them out of the library. Nietzsche, Deleuze & Guattari, and Graeber for a project on … Continue reading

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Derrida simplified

This is one of the most cogent summaries of Derrida I’ve ever seen. Probably the most, in fact. Of course, just getting to the heart of the matter doesn’t really make deconstruction any simpler, or less necessary. “Like other seismic … Continue reading

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“Dark Deleuze” by Andrew Culp

My friend and former roommate, Andrew Culp, has been working on a fascinating project resurrecting the dark side of Deleuze. Culp’s project is really ambitious, and works against (but in a friendly way) against the much more common “joyous” reading … Continue reading

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Connected World

Werner Herzog’s new film on the connected world looks quite interesting. And I can never get enough of Herzog’s voice…

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Research Update – working at the Singapore National Archives

One of the challenges I’ve been faced with while researching the Singapore Police Force (SPF) has been the lack of sources available to me. A brief rundown of how this has manifested: My proposal to conduct ethnographic research with the … Continue reading

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Welcome to Fabricating Worlds. Generally I will post about my writing, geography and politics, and my research process. Unless otherwise noted, all photographs that appear on the site are mine. Many have been taken during fieldwork, others from various trips … Continue reading

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