This is the blog of Joshua J. Kurz, a Postdoctoral Fellow in Global Studies and Political Science at the National University of Singapore.

I am a scholar studying the intersections of human migration, global and local policing (including border controls), and cultural theory. I work in a few fields, namely geography and politics, as well as the interdisciplinary ‘field’ of migration studies. My recent publications examine the constitutive role of racism in US border security practices and policies, the production of ‘immigration’ as a category of thought and as a political technology in the wake of decolonization, and the shifting power relations surrounding human migration when disconnected from state-centered mythologies of ’emigration’ and ‘immigration’.

My current research – a series of articles in various stages of production – examines multiple forms of police in the management of migration in Southeast Asia. At the moment, these articles are centered on the case of Singapore and examine: the response to the 2013 Little India Riot and the (re)organization of policing in its aftermath; the role of a private police force conducting public policing of migrants in Singapore as a form of social debt; and the role of non-governmental organizations as a form of migrant police.

I also have long-standing interests in anarchist and autonomous geographies, Marxist theories, and critical pedagogy.

This is essentially a work blog, which will serve as a platform for me to develop thoughts, collect and archive material, and practice some modest form of public scholarship. I will also post some thoughts about photography, as well as some of my photographs.

Links to my articles, CV, etc can also be found at the following:

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