Street Photography bibliography

This is for a project I hope to do on street photography. I’ll keep updating the list as I find new resources. Obviously it is not comprehensive, and will be overdetermined by my interest in Daido Moriyama.

Updated: 21 November 2017

General Street Photography:

  • Colin Westerbeck and Joel Meyerowitz. 1994. Bystander: A History of Street Photography. Boston: Little, Brown and Company. (A 2nd edition is being published soon.)

Urban Photography:

  • Jun Tanaka. “Urban Poetics and Photography: Methodology and Selected Case Studies.” (here)
  • Jun Tanaka. “Analyses of Urban Representations: Politics, Aesthetics and Poetics of the (Post)-Modern City.” (here)
  • Jun Tanaka. “Spirits of Urban Places: On the Textual Structure of Cities.” (here)
  • Jun Tanaka. “Historical Analysis of Images, or Image Analysis of History: From ‘Mnemosyne’ and ‘Passagen-Werk’ to Morphology of Image.” (here)

On Daido Moriyama:

  • Fukagawa Masafumi. 2012. “Is the World Beautiful? Moriyama Daido’s Provocation of the History of Photography.” Art in Translation 4(4): 459-473. (Translated by Lena Fritsch.)
  • Jun Tanaka. 2012. “The Dog’s Quarter. Epic Poetry on the Threshold: Moriyama Daido’s ‘Shinjuku’.” Art in Translation 4(4): 475-497. (Translated by Robin Thompson.)
  • Philip Charrier. 2010. “The Making of a Hunter: Moriyama Daido 1966-1972.” History of Photography 34(3): 268-290.
  • J. M. Hammond. “The Collapse of Memory: Tracing Reflexivity in the World of Daido Moriyama.” book chapter
  • John McGee. “Hunter of Light: Daido Moriyama 1965-2003.” Metropolis Tokyo 499. (here)

On Japanese Photography (and Cinema):

  • Marco Bohr. 2011. “Are-Bure-Boke: Distortions in Late 1960s Japanese Cinema and Photography.” Dandelion 2(2).

On the ethics of street photography

  • A. D. Coleman. 1998. “Private lives in public places : the ethics of street photography.” In: Depth of Field: Essays on Photography, Mass Media, and Lens Culture. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press.
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